Membership of Ecosystem Restoration Camps

From: 5,00 / month

Join us in our mission of rapidly restoring the Earth’s ecosystems through the construction of volunteer-supported camps on degraded lands around the world.

Choose the membership contribution that you would like to offer to support Ecosystem Restoration Camps: €10/month or €120/year |  €5/month or €60/year | €20/month or €240/year

Your membership funds will support camp construction and maintenance, the restoration of agricultural and natural ecosystems, the management and subsistence of volunteers and foundational costs.

  • You’ll join a community of likeminded individuals with opportunities to network and expand your knowledge of ecosystem restoration and permaculture.
  • You’ll receive updates on the latest news from the camps and the restoration of ecosystems worldwide.
  • You’ll receive special discount pricing on courses relating to ecosystem restoration, held at the camps and online.
  • You’ll be personally playing a role in restoring the Earth.

Please note: You do not need to be a member to become a volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application form. If you want to donate more and/or once, please use our donation form.

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