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From 2009 I was for several years co-founder and managing director of a non-profit organization for cultural change in Germany. One part of our mission was running a seminar center for sustainability and consciousness work and the other was to explore possibilities for personal growth and collective intelligence in living in a community. As this engagement took a lot of energy into office work and countless meetings, I missed being in nature and having time to be creative and to meditate. Therefore I changed my life style towards more simplicity. Now I live in a Yurt in the Bavaria Forest with my partner were we are care taker for a little piece of land. In the European Winter I traveled, lived and shared my work in other countries in Asia, mainly in India, Thailand and Indonesia, recently in New Zealand and Australia. My passion is to help people to connect to their essential being and find their authentic expression of that in all aspects of life. My spectrum reaches from shamanic healing, reading in the akashic records to tao-tantra massage for emotional detox and trauma release. I love to support what touches my heart in whatever area shows up. Although I work a lot in the unseen realm, I am a very practical person as well, cooking, organizing, mentoring are some examples.


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