John Dennis Liu


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John Dennis Liu

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Permaculture design, Build up camps, Work as a cook in the camp, Work as a crafstsman in the camp, Work as an (online) fundraiser

Short bio

I’m John and I’m 64 years old. I can hardly believe that but there it is. I love to see functional ecosystems and I know too much to accept degraded ones as inevitable. I grew up in restaurants so I can easily cook for hundreds of people. They all seem to like it too which gives great satisfaction. From 27 to 40 years old I was a television producer and cameraman working for international television networks in the U.S. and Europe. After an assignment to study China’s Loess Plateau I began to study ecosystems and have learned a great deal about the Earth’s natural systems. I appreciate hearing your stories and hope to be able to spend many nights around the fire telling stories after spending a few hours restoring the hydrological cycle, the soil fertility and propagating and planting out diverse plants and trees.
I also like to play music and hope we can have a great band and recording studio in the first camp in Spain. We’ve been talking to a reggae musician Mishka who wants to join the effort.

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