Amelia Tracy


My Name

Amelia Tracy

My skills / expertise

Permaculture design, Build up camps, Work as a farmer to restore the ecosyst, Work as a cook in the camp, Work as a teacher in the camp, Work as an (online) fundraiser, Work as an (online) community manager

Short bio


I am an experienced solar and renewable energy developer in the northeast of USA. My current pursuits are working to develop scalable, replicable models for mixed use residential/commercial buildings that are immersed in bio-intensive and regenerative carbon farming. I am working on the first few projects in the Northeast USA but hope, with a little luck and a lot of grace, to work my way into many parts of the world with the same model.

I look forward to being involved in Ecosystem Restoration Camps and hope at some point to partner in efforts towards building a living/working/playing and traveling community that solely resides in regenerative, climate-beneficial spaces.


Other accounts that are interesting to share

Life Centered is a biomimicry podcast with biologist and biomimicry expert, Tim McGee interviewing a wide scope of people from professions looking to nature to inform how they live their lives.