Who are in circles and how?

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    Hello everyone,

    This seems an interesting topic, I think it is important to know who is working on what. So, let’s start the conversation:
    Who are the people in these Circles, can you introduce yourselves? Or at least, the members who are also in one or more Circles.

    Best, Marijtje

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    Paul Cereghino

    Hi Marije,
    I have been remodeling the forums… and moved this into the cooperative forum. To try to make it more prominent. Please ask questions. There are lots of stories to tell, but most of us “working members” are struggling to keep up with what we’ve volunteered to do.

    Right now there is a lot of flux, but here is the short story. There is a Dutch foundation called Ecosystem Restoration Camps. It has a Supervisory Board that is legally responsible for al our money, and a interim board of directors who is Marieke, responsible to that board for operations. Supporting Marieke are a group of international volunteers. I am only going to focus on those who are most active right now, and there have been many who have come and gone, as they were willing or able. This is also only my understanding, as with all the people and time zones it is interesting to say the least, and there is no official historian. This international volunteer cooperative is a skill we have been learning together.

    Adam is Canadian and currently on the ground in Spain, and is our builder and likes to make things
    Inti is German and he is working on writing up a social contract between “the cooperative” and the supervisory board and has been secretary
    Ashleigh is English, and has been working on all sides of management, and dreamed up peace building
    Anne-Chloe is French (I think!?) and has been focused on insurance and legal issues.
    Cori is Canadian but in Morocco and is our volunteer web developer.
    Brian is American and has been focused on philosophy 😉
    Kevin is in Florida right now, and has been doing cost estimation and camp logistics
    Regina is Spanish, and is working on plant species and guilds
    Daniel is American, and has visited the site, and did site design
    Jose has been doing excavation planning and greywater design and is also Spanish
    Raye is now serving on the Supervisory Board (yay Raye!) and thinking about ducks and plants
    Francois is French (I think again?!) and also volunteering on the Supervisory Board.
    Alfonso is our Spanish host, who is sharing his land for the first camp
    Bart is Dutch, moving to Slovakia (if I remember right), and is our SEO master and web support
    I am Paul, American, and am doing mapping, website, and supporting restoration and organizational planning

    There are others, Singyee, Corey, Damian, Steph, Andrei, Charling, Maria, Florian, Maria, Marcus, Linda, Jillian, Heloise… who are either keeping quiet, or have moved on.

    Their used to be six circles.. but some had a clear purpose and some did not. There also used to be more barriers between circles, but in my opinion that didn’t serve us well, and those barriers have dissolved over time. Now we are down to somewhere from two to five depending on how you count.

    Administration Circle has somewhat merged with Communicaitons Circle, and now does all things monetary or legal (Marieke, Ashleigh, Inti, Brian, Kevin, Anne-Chloe), and there is a group working on internet stuff (Cori, Marieke, Bart, Paul); Camp Organization (Adam, Kevin, Ashleigh) is focused on camp survival and Ecosystem Design (Daniel, Regina, Paul, Raye, Jose) on earthworks and planting design. Some kind of Camp Altiplano circle is forming at the site, starting with Adam and Alfonso, soon to be joined by two or three others.

    Many of us are working on different aspects of “Standing Orders” that we will offer to the supervisory board, that will clarify the existence, relationships, and processes of “the cooperative”. The supervisory board JUST formed, and I don’t know who they all are except for Raye and Francois… If they don’t introduce themselves soon, I will have to start pestering them myself.

    In terms of “how”, I believe that each of us just showed up and said, “how can I help”, and then found a role amid the chaos. We have been getting to know each other ever since.

    Right now we pass information in Google Documents (I have started posting some links here), and using a video gamer chat site called “Discord” that has lots of useful features… this website is still developing, and Discord has too many functions to abandon. I expect is someone wants to help, they’d join us there. We are hoping to consolidate documents on a single google account, or something like that. It is a little confusing how to manage information assets when we are so splintered! But that is a topic of episodic conversation.

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    Hi Paul, thanks for your elaborate answer! I only just read it, somehow I missed it earlier. Maybe some things have changed in the meantime. But it gives some insight anyway.

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    marieke karssen

    Hello all, reading this thread: We need online volunteers. We are on the lookout for communication and WordPress experts, press and communication wizards, data analysts and mailing list builders, designers for flyers and presentations, videographers, animators, grant demanders and more. High quality content is everything for us so all help is welcome. We hold a communication ZOOM meeting every other Wednesday at 18.00 GMT (19.00 London time or 20.00 Central European Time). Just download zoom, install it, and then visit our Zoom link See you there! Note that during the summerperiod we will meet every two weeks in the uneven week numbers. Week 27 (July 5) week 29 (July 19), 31( August 2), 33(August16) and 35 (August 30) . 

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    Reading this thread as only just got around to becoming a member. Thanks for the welcome chat Marieke and for all your work to get to this point everyone.

    I hope to join in at some point. I will catch up as much as I can by reading the threads.

    Steph (England)

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