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    July 1st I organised a meetup with John and Pieter in Amsterdam at the Green Living Lab. 50 People joined this event and connected around the vision of ecosystem restoration camps. Some of them wished to work together to support restoration camps like Altiplano and to take action towards a Dutch camp. I have connected those who I met at this event through email. I hope through posting this here, others who live in the Netherlands can take part.

    FYI here is the email I sent out:

    Dear All,
    <div class=””></div>
    <div class=””>I am emailing you because you have all asked to be involved and updated about the workgroup that will be starting to work together on the future of ecosystem restoration camps everywhere.</div>
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    <div class=””>Firstly, I would like to introduce Myrthe van Mierlo: She is very enthusiastic about initiating this project and helping the group work structured. She offered to be involved with the organisation of this workgroup. I hereby give her the initiative on making this workgroup meetup happen. If you want to be part of this group, please get in touch with her directly. ( )</div>
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    <div class=””>Secondly, I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to each other:</div>
    <div class=””>- Alokendu is an international student from India who is doing his Wageningen master thesis in La Junquera at the Altiplano camp site. He will be back in the Netherlands end of july and has nothing much planned.</div>
    <div class=””>- Jan Petersen also studied in Wageningen. He currently works with SmartYields, which is an inspiring data aggregation venture for small (<2 ha) farmers.</div>
    <div class=””>- Anouk is Jan’s girlfriend, she too has a wageningen background.</div>
    <div class=””>- Marjolein wants to be invited to any meetings. She can help in organising people and promoting a Dutch camp. Scarce on time. She works with the pollinators, who are doing amazing work. in September they organise a treeplanting festival in Amsterdam.</div>
    <div class=””>- Fatema missed the meetup but is very interested in learning about restoration. she is an industrial engineer and in her work she applies systems thinking approaches like permaculture. She is not yet clear on her role, but time permitting she would join.</div>
    <div class=””>- Alex studied biology and now has a garden. He is not sure what his role could be but interested.</div>
    <div class=””>- Gytha is taking a few months off work to chair the communications circle in the ERC organisation. She wants to be be kept in the loop. Please update her on how things are going.</div>
    <div class=””>- Marc Dekens has been quite active online in the ERC facebook group. He lives in Arnhem and I think he might be of great help for this working group</div>
    <div class=””>- Harry thinks this idea is great.</div>
    <div class=””>- Marsha joined the meetup together with Harald. They missed the last part but she wants to organically find a role in the development of a Dutch camp</div>
    <div class=””>- Elles loves to build things. she wants to stay in the loop</div>
    <div class=””>- Barry wants to be part of this. he can help with soil microbiology</div>
    <div class=””>- Oscar is a graduate student from Utrecht university geoscience department. He is not sure what he can do to help right now</div>
    <div class=””>- Aveen likes being in this mailing list but only would contribute if there is a defined role for her. She has a lot of experience that could be valuable from founding the Green living lab. She loves the idea to combine refugees with a restoration camp</div>
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    <div class=””>At a gathering in the green living lab on 11th of july, more people were interested in this workgroup:</div>
    <div class=””>- Krijn wants to be part of a dutch restoration camp</div>
    <div class=””>- Casper wants to be part of the spanish or a dutch camp for some time</div>
    <div class=””>- Shanice wants to join this workgroup</div>
    <div class=””></div>
    <div class=””>I can recommend you all to focus on the intention of working together, everything else will follow. We don’t know what this intention can lead to. Let’s share the journey and feel gratitude for what may emerge.</div>
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    <div class=””>This group is only people whom I’ve met over the past 2 gatherings. But there are lots more people who live in the Netherlands and have been involved with the restoration camp movement. I am sure it will be a good thing to connect with them. The best way to do so is through the forum at . I am posting this email there also for public record.</div>
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    <div class=””>To round this off: If you have decided you want to work together with more and more people towards restoration camps and restoration projects, please consider starting a monthly donation to the ecosystem restoration camps foundation, you can start as low as 5 euros a month. A financial contribution is critical in making any work towards this vision effective. If we don’t come together financially, it will be hard to produce camp infrastructure and provide food for the volunteer campers. The camp in Spain has been supported by about 400 members. You could say we need 400 new people to register as supporting members to realise a Dutch restoration camp. I think this is a really good deal and very doable if we decide to work together.</div>
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    <div class=””>Thank you for reading all this haha, I care about all of your enthusiasm and it makes me eager to write more. Instead I will zip it and give this mailing list over to Myrthe. Over to you Myrthe! Curious to see how this collaboration develops.</div>
    <div class=””></div>
    <div class=””>Best,</div>
    <div class=””>Rik,</div>
    <div class=””>if you are reading this and would like to connect, feel free to call me +316-41828589</div>
    <div class=””></div>

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