Reaching 2,000 Members: How do we get there?

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    Ashleigh Brown

    Hi everyone!

    Here is a place where we can discuss how to reach the goal of 2,000 members together by the end of this year.

    Let’s discuss and make it happen!


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    Ashleigh Brown

    Hello everyone,

    After an excellent meeting on Wednesday 20th June where we as a membership discussed How to Reach Our Goal of 2,000 members by the end of 2018!

    Here are the initial ideas that we came up with:

    • Create a brochure to give out to people
    • Make a partnership with Drawdown to gain publicity (Stuart)
    • Send an email around with the media kit and encouragement for how to organise a meetup
    • Create a network in Portugal through the Terra Seixe network – set-up a workshop/meet up to spread awareness about Ecosystem Restoration Camps (Justin)
    • A Pass it Along Campaign – put together a package – become a member, join as a volunteer – match funding through contacts
    • Commons Cluster at the UN has a mailing list +GEN  – should put together something for these two lists (Rob)
    • Create list of people who want to be involved in the foundation, not the camp (Rob)
    • Christine knows people who could donate large donations if there is a 5013c
    • Members collect donations for their birthdays
    • Set up a volunteer promotion/marketing team specifically for this goal – learn lessons from successful social movements (Kris interested)
    • Filming John’s lectures (John Liu World Tour)
    • John has done a TED Talk – Waganien TED talk being organised (Kris is organising this)
    • Members should receive SWAG
    • Update the media kit on the website
    • Make the membership offer more meaningful – update text on the website – create a page on the website that describes what it means to be a member, different types of membership, what do you get for being a member (murmuration of birds)
    • Current membership offer isn’t enough
    • Area of resources for members for ways that people can quickly engage and get involved – make it visible
    • Start it up the forum again – set up a group about the ideas discussed in this meeting so that the discussion can be continued (Elizabeth)
    • Members to fill in their profiles fully
    • Go on more podcasts and talk about the ERC (Benjamin)
    • RENEW events – donations to go to the ERC (Kris) – send promotion materials to him
    • Work with Avaaz – Seb
    • Reach out to celebrities who can post about us on their twitter accounts
    • Approach Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation through (Justin)
    • Ecosystem Restoration Promotion clubs to focus on different groups of people in society
    • Put goal of 2.000 members on the website – create a meme banner to put on our social media channels
    • Elizabeth would like to help create a framework that makes it easy for members to engage and move ERC forward towards this goal
    • Christine would like to be part of the marketing promotion group – reach out to marketing students
    • What would your membership fee actually pay for? Put camp needs images on the website with buttons to donate those amounts for the camp
    • John could do a talk at Sant Miguel in Mexico (Christine)
    • John do a talk at the Bioneers conference in October
    • The website to show the goals and achieved milestones is a timeline like seen on this homepage
    • The members themselves can see who else is interested in a certain skill so they can get in contact. again some kind of visual mapping might be helpful for this.
    •  John Liu world tour: get a team together especially for this purpose, 5-7 people – Aspects of the world tour idea would be to speak about the story of humanity and restoration, play music, have some type of film documentation in form of a series and possibly a documentary, have youtube reporting every couple of days, live facebook streams, timing with big local conferences or events so that John can do multiple crowds a day for a week in the same place.
    • working team for a collaborative media/film/audio/graphics team that can do an effort to document organisations we want to promote and connect with like the organisations of some of the board members as well as places like Tamera, Alvelal or wide open agriculture Australia. Also a function of having a media team spread around the world is that we could document any initiatives done by volunteer members like running for restoration and such.

    This group is a place where we can make these ideas come to life!

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    One and a half ideas!

    It’s just about the same idea as a brochure because I think being able to print out a digital document and fold it into a brochure is better than sending them out to everyone. Perhaps just a one page flyer of sorts. There may be zero waste advocates among us and I think keeping in mind the resources that are used is important. However, an interesting counter point I heard from Ben Falk, a permaculturist homesteader from Vermont, said that he would rather see fossil fuels be used for restoration because it’s that much less that they will be used for no benefit.

    Another idea occurred to me when driving by a large semi-rural median where dozens of trees were planted. If anyone has an area in their city or town that the community has taken a level of restoration with, it would be a appropriate node to connect to people in a community who would be enthusiastic about the idea of ERC. I’m thinking of the signage that businesses place into their customers front yard. I know kiss the ground found a healthy sign for events that is made with a low carbon footprint. An area like a public park or nature trail where people go to get their connection with nature would be a good spot for signage. Nature trails often have a welcome sign and a guest book if it wouldn’t be inappropriate to reach out to individuals respectfully through those contacts.

    A more complicated question is what to put on the flyer to capture the ideas of ERC for people in one glance.

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    Elizabeth Guimarin

    There were a lot of really good ideas of how to reach out for new members at our meeting. And, several people offered to do various outreach activities to help move toward the goal.

    • Is there an email list tool (such as mailchimp) available to send out communications to help grow a team of member outreach volunteers?
    • Would someone be willing to create a list of people who are willing to do member outreach for this 2018 Membership Campaign?
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    Ashleigh Brown

    Hi Elizabeth (and all) 🙂

    I am creating a list of people and their email addresses who are members and have said that they would like to be involved in growing the membership. I’m not sure how to reach out to members other than by email and we’ve been getting feedback that there are too many emails going out to you all.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?


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    Wigger de Vries

    Hi Ashleigh, Elizabeth and all,

    I’m pretty new in the organization, and I’ve just finished listening to the Membersession #2.
    I was present at the meeting but unfortunately I couldn’t get the sound to work.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed listening to all of the input and it’s very satisfying there’s such a broad willingness to reach the 2000 member goal. With all creative ideas all elements are present to easily achieve it at the end of this year.

    I also think this goal provides a unique opportunity to run a pilot campaign by a new established Marketing-Communications team (In which I’m very much willing to put time and effort in).

    Since we aren’t aiming for tens of thousands of new members (yet), my guess is this campaign should not be too complicated; just simple and effective. My suggestion is that MC’ should primarily focus on the ‘Pass it along Campaign’ to pick up the low hanging fruit (As Kris named it) like getting friends and acquaintances to join, and secondary in supporting individual initiatives (organizing meetups, etc.).

    My idea is to make it fun and a bit competitive in the form of an online leaderboard for every new member a member brings in until the end of the year. The positive byproduct of this is that everyone is encouraged to stay as creative as possible in order to win the leaderboard. We could come up with some fun prices (e.g. Photo signed by John Liu, ERC T-shirt, etc.)

    MC could primarily focus on promoting the campaign and possibly by sharing some theory/digitals (e.g. how to create a pitch for friends, package of digital materials), sharing best practices from members and communicating the progress (e.g. by a monthly campaign news-update, campaign blog, etc).

    Besides 1500 new members we also collect a lot of data about what works best, to be used for future campaigns, and a working MC team.

    In the perspective of a successful campaign Elizabeth, Ashleigh, Joline and another guy (couldn’t figure out his name unfortunately) mentioned some preconditions that need to be in place.

    • The most urgent, as far as I’m aware:
      Make it meaningful for members to join (Elizabeth). (e.g. by getting discount at camp being part of the family (Ashleigh), being part of a meaningful story (Ashleigh, Joline, and other guy)

    The other ones are:

    • ICT environment for campaign (come up with system for registration (e.g. ability new member to mention name of affiliate), leaderboard webpage (in login area?))
    • Creating inspiring marketing materials for promoting campaign among members and make it as fun as possible.
    • Getting a small team around the campaign and have periodic meetups.



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    what about sending a message over Facebook to all our ( personel friens , which could look as :

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    bomen planten in gebieden die niet meer voor landbouwkundige produktie geschikt zijn:…/

    Groasis biedt daar toe de oplossing, d.m.v. haar “waterbox :
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    Ecosystems restoration camps wil dat doen :

    Wordt daarvan donateur om dit intiatief te ondersteunen :…/become-a-membe…/

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