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    I think the camp may need temporary infrastructures and is nice to think on ‘leaving no trace’, and low impact, but also it would be nice if we can create structures that will also serve the local community once the camp is finished.

    I see that in the countryside there are sometimes infrastructures that allow the people to elaborate more their products, or process them somehow, and many of those were public, or in the commons.

    In many part of the world, for example, the farms have an ‘era’, or Threshing floor, where many activities were possible apart of winnowing the wheat, and also the parties happen 🙂

    Not sure if the space needs a threshing floor, but for example there could be infrastructures that stay after we leave and allow the locals a different and more active use of the newly regenerated landscape.

    I see some candidates:

    • Things that could become part of a future ‘ecoturism camping area’
      • Barbecue/tables/benches
      • Toilets
      • Footpaths/signs
      • Swimming areas
      • Bird watching places
    • Things that could become local infrastructure
      • Nature classrooms (sheltered spaces) also able to host town parties, sound system, etc. Maybe an amphitheatre?
      • Sensors/solar powered lighting
      • Fences and temporary animal enclosings for shepherds
      • Emergency phone?
      • Fire control: making sure the water is available in case of fire nearby?
      • Farm or poaching infrastructure like alembic, mill, cold press, maybe a shredder or so.
      • Tool sheds
      • Internet rural coverage (see experience in underserved Catalonian countryside for a positive experience)
      • Weather stations

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