Marketing and Promotion Task Circle

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    Ashleigh Brown

    Hello everyone,

    An idea that was discussed in the last Membership Movement Session was to set up a task team that would focus on marketing and promotion of the ERC story.

    This is a place where this group can begin. Please join in if you are interested in working together to spread the message of the ERC around the world!

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    Elizabeth Guimarin

    What might be good 2018 Membership Campaign related materials?

    • A story and message that inspires people to support the next phase of the ERC.
    • Add a new campaign focused web page to the ERC site.
    • Review web site content to update it and make sure it aligns with the campaign.
    • Update already available materials
    • Create a collection in one location
    • ?

    Materials Available for ERC

    • logo
    • name
    • web site
    • media kit
    • flyer / brochure
    • photo collection
    • video collection
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    Ashleigh Brown

    Hello Elizabeth!

    I would like to invite you to join the ERC slack channel, where the group of member who would like to form the marketing and promotion team have gathered.

    Would you be happy for me to add you there?


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    Elizabeth Guimarin

    Hi Ashleigh,

    Yes, that would be great.

    I’ve been away on holiday and it doesn’t look like you received my reply.

    Thank you, Elizabeth

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