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    Hi Scott, and all ERC-members,

    Great we have this forum: thanks Scott!

    I am Joline, an Amsterdam based Dutch copywriter, specialised in brand stories. I have ideas for improving the impact of the ERC-story and I can make some time to work on them. I think a team will be formed for that?

    There is already a lot of communicationwork done by great members, so my question is: who can I talk to about:

    ERC-promotion-story for video and website on the 2000 members-goal?


    Attending the Zoom meeting for members last wednesday, I learnt there is a meetup in Amsterdam 1st of July: I will be there!

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    Ashleigh Brown

    Hi Joline!

    Fantastic – let’s do it. It would be really good to work with John Liu on this.

    What’s the next step?

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    Hi Ashleigh,

    Wow, fantastic! To work with John Liu would be great! And Kris is organising the TED-talk already, I read: so fast!

    OK, next step: I can write the ideas roughly down and mail them, then either skype to discuss it, or speak to John at the meetup in Amsterdam next Sunday. Kris will be there too. We can all talk further then, or before or after the programme?

    Would that work?



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    Ashleigh Brown

    Yes that sounds great. Please keep me in the loop!

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    Elizabeth Guimarin

    Joline, it’s great to see you stepping in to work on the story!

    A few questions come to mind…

    1. What is the message going forward to grow a 2018 Membership Campaign?
    2. What have we accomplished?
    3. What will be happening in the next phase?
    4. How are people coming together for ERC?
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    Hi Elizabeth and Ashleigh,

    Yes, good points! Good you join Elizabeth 🙂 You work as project manager on internet projects, was’n’t it? SUPER!

    I have send an e-mail to Ashleigh with a direction I think it can go concerning the first question. Can you forward it to John Ashleigh?

    2,3 and 4 will be in that. Hope to know more tomorrow.


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