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We are a growing, grassroots movement of everyday
people dedicated to restoring degraded land.

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Tools and Workshop

Vegetable Garden

Tent Building

Do You Care About The Future Of Our Planet?

Ecosystem Restoration Camps is a non-profit organisation founded by a movement of people who wanted an action-based solution to address accelerating climate change.  The camps are a practical, hands on way to restore land degraded by humans.  Our mission is to work with local communities and build camps that transform bare, deserted landscapes into lush, abundant, life-giving ecosystems.  We are committed to preserving our planet for future generations.

You Can Make A Difference

John D. Liu, soil scientist and filmmaker, explains how Ecosystem Restoration Camps is a citizen-driven movement. Our restoration camps will focus on increasing biodiversity, biomass, and soil organic matter – all factors necessary to mitigate and adapt to human-induced climate change.

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Our Restoration Work Delivers 4 Returns

Healthy Soil & Planet

Returning fertility to the soil. Growing organic food, providing clean drinking water, and restoring biodiversity in plants, animals and insects.

Human Harmony

Restoration of the human spirit. Reconnecting with each other, ourselves, and the planet. An end to conflict over resource scarcity.

Learn, Teach, Lead

Opportunity for learning restoration skills. Sharing knowledge to expand our impact. Empowering citizens in local communities.

Circular Economy

Restoration strengthens local economies, shifting toward a sustainable economic system away from the ‘take, make, dispose’ model.

Together, We Can Restore Earth

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