Together we can Restore the Earth

Healthy, functional ecosystems illustrate that the Earth provides us with clean air, enough food, water, and energy – all that is needed for life to flourish. Unfortunately, around the planet these ecosystems are under great threat from human impact.

john d. liu
Filmmaker, soil scientist and environmental activist John D. Liu

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Under the guidance of John D. Liu (expert on ecological restoration) and with support from Regeneration International, the Permaculture Research Institute, the World Permaculture Association and the Commonland Foundation, a large movement has been growing since July 2016, culminating in the formation of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement.

People around the world sense that the systems sustaining life are under threat.

The Ecosystem Restoration Camps are a hands-on opportunity to harness this energy and have a direct impact on regenerating a given landscape.

How can you support the Camps?

If global citizens like you, donate as little as €10 per month, we can make it possible to establish Ecosystem Restoration Camps around the world.

First, a site in need of ecological restoration is found and the land is leased to the camp for a number of years in order to be rehabilitated. Once the land is secured, on-site staff will hired to support incoming volunteers and manage day-to-day operations.

We are committed to the vision of creating paradise on Earth. Together, we will be on our way to restoring the natural ecosystems of this planet!


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Our Vision

We envision a fully-functional, peaceful, abundant, biologically diverse Earth brought about through cooperative efforts for the ecological restoration of degraded lands.

Our Mission

To work together to restore ecological functionality (natural infiltration and retention of all available rainfall and moisture, fertile organic soils and returning complete vegetative cover of trees and grasses) to designated areas and to build “Research, Training and Innovation Centers for Ecological Restoration” to engage people in inquiry into ecological restoration, to train people in existing techniques and for the innovation of new techniques for restoring degraded lands in perpetuity.

About the Camps

The first camp will be set up in Altiplano, Spain.  It will be a model for us to showcase the potential of the restoration camps. The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) and the World Permaculture Association (WPA) will hold educational training in the camp. Regeneration International (RI) has agreed to broadly publicize and support the Cooperative and the Camps worldwide.

There are already requests for these camps in many different parts of the world. Some members have begun to collect these requests. If you know a spot suited for a camp, please let us know.

spring in Altiplano

Who are we?

We are now organized as a Dutch Foundation, connecting with over a 1000 pledged members from over 75 countries around the world. In 2017, it is our objective to finance and manage the work leading up to building and maintaining the first Ecosystem Restoration Camp and from there to help set up more camps worldwide.

We consist of a broad community of researchers, landscape designers, farmers, gardeners, engineers and many other professionals. We will collectively set up each Ecosystem Restoration Camp and with each other’s support, these camps will restore the surrounding landscape. Ecological landscape restoration is essential to regain environmental, social and economic value. There are opportunities for everyone to help the cause.  Bring your expertise and become a founding member of this global movement.

Join the Movement

Become a member of the Ecosystem Restoration Movement. Join over a 1000 people from more than 75 countries who are part of a grassroots movement to restore fertility to Earth’s soil.

Donate €120 per year or  €10 per month to become a member. As a member, you will receive access to our growing community, where you can meet other members working to organize ecosystem restoration camps.

Help us to make the Grey Water System possible

Become a member of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps
March 30, 2017
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Camp Village Layout

Help to realize the Grey Water Infiltration System for the first camp in Spain!

25 donations

2.790,00 raised of 10.000,00 goal

14 days to go

Why do we need a grey water system?

We are in the Altiplano of Spain to restore a severely damaged ecosystem in a very desolate and dry land. Before we can live there, we need to have an ecological system to deal with our grey water. We will live simply, but even then one person will use up to 40 liters per day. The camp will be populated by a maximum of 50 people. This means we need 4 greywater infiltration and wetland systems to filter and metabolize the camp grey water outflow for perennial irrigation. Nutrient cycling and conservation of water is essential to reduce the camp footprint and return all resources back to the land. The minimal water we use will be cycled to tree crops and restoration areas to build soil and increase available water during summer drought. You donation will ensure the hydrological cycle in the camp and help restore the landscape to a self sufficient ecosystem.

Grey water SystemThese wetlands and infiltration chambers are not just ponds with plants, they are intentional systems designed to create as much plant power as possible and to guarantee that the water entering the wetland strip is completely clean. This way we do not waste our used water. Instead, we use it in such a way that it will help restore the soil biology.


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Do you want to know more?

Here you can download a complete description of the Grey Water System .